Problem with mouldy Grout ?

Aand have tried all the chemical grout cleaners from your local hardware store that doesn’t seem to do the job.

Sometimes grout cleaning, sealing and even grout pens aren’t enough. Damaged, missing and decaying grout requires a complete expert re grouting or grout restoration.

Re grouting entails first thoroughly cutting out the existing grout, a filthy job that should not be undertaken without the right tools and training. This is followed by a total re grouting of the tile. When done by our professionals, a re grouting can breathe new life into a tile finish and restore the beauty and durability that was there when new.

Re grouting is the answer for the longest lasting, long-term restoration of your tile installations. So, if you are happy with the colour, texture and look of your tile and simply want it to look brand-new once more our expert re grouting professionals can make your bath room or kitchen appear like new at a fraction of the cost of retailing.

For more details about our expert re grouting services in South Tyneside, contact us today.